Sunrise and Sparks! (featuring Crated With Love)

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Crated With Love. All opinions are mine and mine alone!

“Don’t ever stop dating your wife and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband.” -Unknown

We live in a world that is becoming more and more consumed by technology everyday. As technology grows love dies. The simple gesture of coming to the door is replaced by a one worded text saying, here. What dinners have begun to lack in conversation is now made up for with eyes glued to phones watching the latest YouTube video and seeing who posted last on Facebook. Dates went from romantic evenings to people being lonely together.

Once we got married my husband and I rarely went on dates, last minute Taco Bell was fine with me, but now that my son has been born I wish that I could’ve taken advantage of those nights that we could’ve spent with each other.

Thanks to Crated With Love we were finally able to have that long awaited date night! We couldn’t do everything exactly as the challenge cards said because I’ve been sick and my husband has been working crazy holiday hours, but here is a look into our date night!

CHALLENGE 1: Sunrise Setup


This Challenge set up the whole date! We were supposed to find romantic place to watch the sunrise/sunset. That didn’t happen. Our schedules were constantly in conflict so my husband surprised me. He found a romantic sunset video on YouTube and as I was putting our son to sleep he set up the date!

CHALLENGE 2: Coffee Or Cocoa

For this date Crated With Love partnered with Lanna Coffee to bring us some very delicious coffee, but don’t worry they also sent some cocoa for each of us just in case we didn’t like coffee. For Challenge 2 we had to decide which drink we wanted to sip on during our romantic sunset date.

One of the things I love about the challenge cards is they tell you how you can apply each challenge to your life! The way that they want you to apply Challenge 2 to your life is-

Once a week, make it a priority to have coffee (or cocoa) with your partner. Take that time to learn something new about them and start your day off right!

CHALLENGE 3: Sunrise And Sparks!!


Challenge 3 required a coin, biscotti which they provided, the Challenge 3 activity card, and MINTS (hmm I wonder what mints are for.. WINK! WINK!)  If you want to know what the coin, biscotti, and activity card have to do with Challenge 3 CLICK HERE.

Challenge 3 not only gave us a fun game to play but it challenged us to share a romantic kiss with each other. You know, one of those kisses you see in the movies, not one of those quick pecks on the lips that we’ve grown so accustomed to! Those mints sure did come in handy after drinking that coffee! The card ended asking us a simple question-

How can you make every kiss worth remembering?



This is where the competitive side in each of us comes out from hiding! In the box they sent a small bag of coffee beans. (If you watched the Facebook unboxing you can recall that I was slightly confused at the sight of a handful of coffee beans, if you missed that video CLICK HERE to watch it.) Those beans had a purpose and their purpose was to give us a fun challenge. You can probably guess what we were to do by the name of this challenge. Stack the coffee beans on top of each other. Crated With Love’s high score was 4, Joe’s was 3, and mine was 3.

ABOUT Crated With Love

The creators of Crated With Love understand how hard it can be to make time for your relationship. Work, children, and life in general often get in the way of that much needed date night. Crated With Love is a date night subscription box that allows couples to save time, money, and stress while creating a moment each month to add some romance into their lives. Crated With Love members, also referred to as Craters,  can either sign up for a month-to-month, three-month, six-month, or year subscription which automatically renews or they have the opportunity to choose a past theme as a one-time option. Crated With Love’s base, month-to-month subscription is just $19.99 per month and includes free shipping!

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CLICK HERE to find out what the Activity for Challenge 3 was!