Connection Error: Being Disconnected to the Best Thing in Your Life

Loving a child comes so effortlessly and easily to most women, but there are those select few who have to give it they have. I have learned that those select few are more than I first thought. From the way it seems more mothers deal with some sort of postpartum mental illness than those who don’t.

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The media glamorizes motherhood. It shows us moms who are all dolled up and ready to face the world daily, but it doesn’t show the support team it takes to make her appear that way. It makes motherhood look like a fairytale when in some cases it is much more like a horror story.

I love my son to the best of my ability. TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. Some days it’s easier but other days I envy the relationship my husband has with him. I envy how easily they can bond. Some days I feel like I’m on top of the world and others I feel like a completely failure.

Being disconnected from the best thing in your life is hard. It’s even harder when you see others connect with their child and have no problems what so ever. You begin to wonder what you’re doing wrong or what’s wrong with you, but you aren’t doing anything wrong. Nothing is wrong with you. You are an amazing mom even when you feel like you aren’t. Your child loves you unconditionally. What you are feeling and dealing with emotionally is VALID. You are not alone.

Motherhood is a life long journey, just because we don’t have it together at the beginning doesn’t mean we won’t get it together eventually.

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