International Babywearing Week 2016: The Perfect Fit

Babywearing. I feel as though without it I would go crazy. My house would be even more of a disaster than it already is, Vacations wouldn’t be as fun, and grocery shopping would be nightmare.

Lets start a the beginning shall we? I knew when I was pregnant that I wanted to wear Joshua but was completely clueless. I scanned every carrier, wrap, and sling known to man for our baby registry. I didn’t know some had more back support and others were literally back breakers. I didn’t know what a soft structured carrier was. I didn’t even know that difference between a stretchy wrap and a woven wrap. As I said I was completely clueless.

Once Joshua was born we were given a Baby Bjorn, and when I said some carriers were back breakers, I was talking about this one. I could only wear Joshua for 10 minutes at a time or else my back would be in such pain. I thought this was the best carrier out there because it was the one that I had seen on all the TV shows. It looks like I was wrong.

Weeks after giving up because I could not wear a 9lb baby in a Baby Bjorn I was invited to a local babywearing meeting by a friend. I went and everyone seemed to know everything about the carriers. My friend wasn’t using a soft structured carrier but instead was using a woven wrap. At the meeting I saw carriers of all sorts. Ergo, Tula, Lillebaby, woven wraps, stretchy wraps. Mom’s were back carrying like it was nothing, and I couldn’t even front carry without my back feeling like it was about to break.


I learned that there were many different carriers and that I was not able to afford any of them. I then borrowed my friends Boba wrap! A Boba is a stretchy wrap which is fun and simple to use but got way too hot in this wonderful Texas heat. It worked wonders while I was home but anytime I went out for a long period of time I wouldn’t be able to wear him because of the heat.


A month or so after using the Boba, I was given a Mei Tai! Oh how I loved my Mei Tai. It had great back support, I could easily put Joshua on, and it wasn’t hot! I thought this was it. I wasn’t going to need to go buy a super expensive carrier because Joshua would be walking before he outgrew the Mei Tai. Boy was I wrong!!!! Joshua hit 5 months and absolutely hated it.


3 carriers down, I thought I would give up wearing him. He didn’t like it anymore and my husband wasn’t going to let me spend $100+ on a Tula or Lillebaby. One day, the stars aligned. I was in Arizona visiting my grandma with mother and we decided to go to the mall to go shopping. We found the most adorable baby boutique there. Me + Baby Stores = DANGER! ABORT MISSION. I would spend all of my money on Joshua if my family would let me. At this store they had baby carriers. My grandma told me to try one on and I instantly fell in love with my Tula.

Everyone is different just like every carrier is different. My perfect fit may’ve been a Tula, and yours may be a wrap. BUT I will say that if you are on the fence about getting a Tula Baby Carrier and you have the money, then get it and thank me later!!!!

As Always Keep Smiling