A Teething Mess (The Mama Tribe Designs)

Joshua has become a teething mess! If you’ve ever had children you know what means, and if you aren’t there yet let me warn you They put everything in their mouth. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Water Bottles, their hands, your hands, their feet, your feet.. EVERYTHING.

Obviously you can’t always control what goes in and out of your child’s mouth, but I have one thing that trumps everything, except empty water bottles. These 3 words will save you a lot of time and, if your child is anything like mine, quite a bit of money on randon teething toys. SILICONE TEETHING NECKLACE.

You find them all over the Internet but my favorite shop is The Mama Tribe Designs, on etsy. The owner is super friendly, if you have any questions she is willing to answer them, and she is a mom so she understands our struggle.

My husband was very skeptical about getting one at first but now we never leave the house without it. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to baby wearing. My son gets squirmy when I try to wear him but with the help of the necklace he will be entertained for hours.

We have even learned to hook the necklace onto the highchair when we go out to eat. He can’t throw it on the ground like the rattles we used to bring and the string is strong so if he yanks at it, it won’t break.

I love teething necklaces because no one would realize they were a chew toy for your child unless you said something. The Mama Tribe Designs has so many different styles and colors in their shop for every occasion and every outfit. Mama Tribe teething necklaces are fun, fashionable, affordable, and perfect for the whole family to wear (of course supervise the littles if you let them play with, or wear it). They’ve also just introduced a fall line that will go perfectly with your plaid flannels, scarves, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Now that I have a silicone teething necklace it safe to say they will always be one of my mama musts!

Use code ‘thebrockblog’ for 10% off any purchase at The Mama Tribe Designs!

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Disclaimer: items in this post were gifted in exchange for an honest review.