A Story To Tell

One of the many things that I struggle with is loving myself. Some days are easier than others, but most of the time it is the hardest thing to do. I put myself under a microscope and find any possible flaw that I can. I try notto but I have learned that I am my toughest judge.

Makeup helps for a short period of time, butthen I start picking that apart. I realize that my lipstick is sloppy or that my foundation is cakey, but only ten minutes ago I was in love with the person I saw in the mirror.

I am so lucky to have people who will love me on the days when it is next to impossible for me to love myself.

People say, ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, and that could not be any more true.

If you were to ask me what I see when I look in the mirror you would get a long list of my flaws. I see scars, I see a stomach covered with stretch marks, I see the remnants of yesterday’s makeup still staining my face because I was too lazy or tired to take it all off, again I would list the scars that cover my arms and legs along with many other imperfections that I see.

If you were to ask my husband what he sees when he looks at me here is the answer that you would receive,

“I see someone who has trouble seeing how beautiful they really are.” -Joe Brock

Everyone has flaws, some people have the strength to look past them while others, like myself, struggle to live with the flaws that they see.

I am starting to come to the realization that every flaw tells a story. For me, my scars tell of the many battles with depression and anxiety that I have won, my stretch marks are reminders of each little movement that Joshua made while my body was creating and sustaining his, and yesterday’s makeup tells the story of a girl with just enough strength to put effort into facing the world.

Everyone has a story some people tell it with words while others wear it on their bodies. Loving yourself may be hard but just remember that you have a story to be told and those imperfections as well as your perfections are a huge part of your story!

As Always Keep Smiling