Why I Did a Breastfeeding Photoshoot!


Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing. Stephanie did a phenomenal job capturing the beauty of it all!

As most of my readers know August was World Breastfeeding Month and a local photographer was offering free breastfeeding sessions for the month of August. Joe and I had not yet gotten any professional photography done since Joshua was born so I hopped on that real quick and let me tell you I was nervous as can be. I mean, I had maybe only breastfed in public once or twice and received looks from non-understanding teenage girls.

That is one of the two reasons why I did it. I wasn’t comfortable feeding my son in front of anybody except family. Joshua absolutely HATES to be covered and the Texas heat doesn’t make covering him any easier. I constantly tell myself, ‘why put some stranger’s comfort in front of my own son’s?’ but I never really lived it out until after this photo shoot.

I also decided to do the shoot as a reminder to myself of how far Joshua and I have come. I remember┬átelling Joe and my mom that I was done and wanted to switch to formula every day for at least the first few months. I’m not going to lie the first few months were hard but now it has become so easy for the both of us. I remember the start of this journey like it was yesterday. Joshua had so many problems latching, I had problems getting him to latch and now Joshua can latch so easily on his own without any help! These pictures will be a reminder for when I have my future children that I can make it through the rough beginnings and that it is a beautiful journey.

Breast or formula, cover or no cover, what matters is that your child is fed. No mother should ever feel ashamed for feeding their child.



Photographer- Stephanie Crank Photography