Honest Motherhood!

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. -J.R.R Tolkien

Being a mom is a whole lot different than I thought it would be. When I was younger I imagined this to be a whole lot easier. Well, when you are taking care of a baby doll poop filled diapers smell like cotton candy, there is no spit up, and everything is all rainbows and fluff. I wasn’t shocked when I changed my first diaper but I can definitely tell you it wasn’t cotton candy scented and Joshua seems to spit up with every bobble and bounce he makes.

I have my strong days and my weak ones. Some days I am on top of the world and others I feel like a huge failure. Once my son was born I became my last priority. I didn’t know how to juggle my marriage, my son, and myself so one of those had to go. I started eating less and some days my first meal would be until after Joshua went to sleep.  My hair lived in a bun and I said goodbye to my makeup. My self esteem plummeted to an all time low.

How could I provide for my family if I didn’t take care of myself? I knew I needed to take action and start doing more for myself. A fresh haircut and a full face of makeup can work wonders on a mom who feels down and out. Because my hair lived in a bun, was falling out by the handfuls every time that I ran my fingers through it, and was completely over processed I decided that I would cut it all off. My hair went from shoulder length to a short pixie cut and let me tell you, it was the best thing I’ve done since my son has been born. If you live in the Wichita Falls area I highly recommend that you give Brenda at Classic Hair Studio at call and schedule an appointment.

One of the many things I’ve learned since Joshua has been born was it is okay to let him cry if I have not eaten all day. Sometimes Joshua just wants my attention 24/7 and sometimes I just need to eat or do something around the house. I make sure he’s clean and fed then I get started doing what I need to do. Lately to distract him while I eat, write, or clean I have started sitting him in his ‘Excer-Saucer’ and turn on Pokémon so that he has plenty to keep him entertained.


Luckily I have started to regain my sanity the past few weeks since Joshua has developed a sleep schedule, keyword Started. I still find myself at 2 in the morning pointing out every flaw that I have while my husband and son sleep.

Being a mom definitely isn’t rainbows and fluff but I wouldn’t trade being Joshua’s mom for anything.


As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock