To the Mom who was Forced to Play Both Rolls



I know that it is Father’s Day not Mother’s Day, but you deserve to be celebrated on both days because you stepped up and became a SuperMom.

  • You are so strong.

When Bobby and I were born you didn’t know that you would one day have be both a mother and a father to us. You didn’t know that there would be nights where you would hold us in your arms as we bawled our eyes out because we didn’t understand why dad wasn’t there with us. You protected my heart as much as you could, but when you couldn’t you were there to pick up the pieces and make it whole again.

  • You showed me God in a way that no one else had.

You introduced a fatherless girl to the only father who would never let her down. You may be my mother but you allowed God to use you in ways that none of us can comprehend. Without your strength when I was younger I would not be the women I am now.

  • I admire you’re strength, courage, and your heart.

After how dad has wronged you, you have never said anything negative about him. You continue to build him up to us and pray for him. Even when it may be hard for you to hold your tongue you still do.


I love you so much and thank you for stepping up and being the SuperMom that you are. I’m sure that I can speak for Bobby and I both when I say that I am so proud of you and the life you decided to live after our family went through what it went through.


As Always Keep Smiling,