To the One Who Stepped Up with Open Arms

Dear Father Figure,

  • I love you.

You saw a broken daughter who was lost with no direction and gave her the love of a father that her mother desired to give her but could not. Even though I had multiple flaws and would lash out when I was upset you still loved me. At times I was to stubborn to realize it but you constantly showed me unconditional love. You didn’t judge when I messed up. I didn’t have be perfect for you to love me. You didn’t have to love me, but you chose to. You chose to be there when someone else chose not to, and for that, you deserve all the thanks that I have

  • Every little thing you do shows me more and more that you care.

You showed me through your relationship with your kids that you truly care. You brought me in as your own and mentored me. When you did something with your kids you included me. You took us to get ice cream and even taught me how to drive because I stressed my mom out too much.

  • You helped me fill the void that my father left.

Now that I am married and we live hours away I know that if I need help with my car or my life you will always be a phone call away and I appreciate that.  You may not be my biological father but you are the father figure I needed to become the person I am today. I know you will always be there. You were the dad that I always wanted but never had. I could not thank you enough for everything you’ve done.


Happy Father’s Day!
As Always Keep Smiling,